TNT Flash: Fireworks Delivered to Your Door!

Having a busy summer? Yeah, us too. But there’s good news: for the first time, TNT Fireworks will be delivering our bestselling products right to your doorstep.

No more last-minute worrying about where to get your fireworks for the neighborhood show. No more wasted time picking through items at your local stand. We want your Independence Day to be completely stress-free. You deserve it. 

In the Atlanta and Detroit metro areas, you can find this service at Our experienced “pyro specialists” have hand-picked fireworks bundles ($150, $300, $600, and $1,000) that will (not literally) blow you away! The bundles start with the “Back to the Basics” all the way to the “Block Party Blowout”.  Make sure to watch the shows from start to finish on the site. These shows provide the highest quality, best performing items, at the best value you will find guaranteed.  Even your neighbors will be impressed. 

All bundles will include those classic items you just gotta have like Pop-It’s, sparklers, firecrackers, etc. Each will have some sort of reloadable. They will also give you a nice variety of small and large multi-aerials that will create memories you won’t forget!

After you have selected your bundle, we will have it on your doorstep on the day you select. We will even have it to you on the next day if you order before 10 pm!  Our TNT Flash Home Delivery Driver will pick up the product from a local stand or store and set up a delivery time with you. They even provide you with a suggested shooting order! Just be ready to show your identification so that we can verify your age and identity.

So, focus on getting the BBQ ready and picking the kids up from baseball practice. We’ll bring you that extra spark you needed this summer. This is the most convenient 4th of July you will ever have! We believe life is worth celebrating. When it’s this easy, why wouldn’t you?